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713 CEG (Community Empowerment Group) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  713 (CEG) was created as a direct, grassroots response to the concerns of the community. 


Established in 2009 the organization was birth from a community organizer we know well, our mother – Marion Garner.  Marion Garner, wife and mother of 12 children was born in Chicago, IL.  She was a woman of great zeal.  She loved her community and the families who lived in it.  She was very well respected.  


The love and passion she had for the senior citizen community birthed forth the State of Illinois’ first Adult Day Care program through the Department of Human Services of which she won a recognition award from the Mayor of Chicago. Today her passion and legacy can be seen throughout the United States.


The name of our organization came about from her birth date, July 13th hence (713). Growing up we saw how she was very active in our community.  713 CEG will continue to expand the legacy and passion of Marion Garner by providing an outlet and a variety of programs that will service impoverished communities and empower the families that live within them.


In addition to building the Marion Garner Community Center, 713 CEG provides numerous programs in the areas of economic empowerment, youth enrichment, adult education, community solidarity and non-volence.  Education, empowerment, and innovation drives our approach to community development. We see these as the keys to prolonged success.  One such program we are very proud of is Prom Girls Rock! our annual prom dress give-away event.


713 Community Empowerment Group is committed to providing programs and services needed for our community residents to achieve their own personal definition of success.



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Prom Girls Rock!

(A Division of 713 Community Empowerment Group)

332 S. Michigan Avenue

Lower Suite

Suite 1020-C192
Chicago, IL  60604

Phone: 312-554-5160

E-mail us at: admin@promgirlsrock.org

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