Our Annual Community Giving Program

(Prom Dress Give Away)

Every year we have our annual community give back program - called Prom Girls Rock!


The program is about assisting young ladies with their transition from high school to college.  


Prom Girls Rock! provides low income students free dresses for Prom.  We then help those same students with items needed for college by providing scholarships, resources and direction.


Most of our dresses are donated from local bridal shops.  Each year are events are successful due to the generous donations we receive and the eager volunteers willing to help.


Our goal is to make prom and college dreams come true for these young ladies

Basic life Skills Training Program

Basic life Skills Training Program




The Purpose of this program:


Our Basic Life Skills Training Program is designed to help educate and empower students with the basic skills needed to prepare them for transition into independent living.

Program Descriptions:


Personal Training - The personal training classes teach the student the basic skills of housekeeping, sanitation, skin and hair care, healthy eating, wellness, communication, relationship building and positive self-esteem.

Financial Training - The financial training classes cover topics that relate to personal budgeting, understanding your credit report and rating, credit repair, debt reduction, savings and retirement planning, the importance of establishing life insurance and investments.


Domestic Training - How to find an apartment. How to make major purchases (i.e.home and car), car maintenance and the importance of proper record keeping (i.e. birth certificate, social security number, immunization records,etc.)

Job Readiness - This training class focus on teaching the basics of how to conduct a job interview, resume writing, professional dress, job etiquette and how to communicate with your boss.




Business Development

Services Include:

  • One-on-One consultation from experienced business owners and mentors.
  • Business Owners Support Group meetings Teachings on Accounting Principles.
  • Coaching in areas of personal and business branding, employee relations and networking
  • Tools on how to start a business and create a business plan
  • Resources on Medical & Life Insurance for small business owners
  • Reference and Resources on Lease Spacing Resources on
  • Labor Laws and Human Resources Web site development
  • Information on Financial investment and Retirement Planning for small business owners
  • Resource materials on Market trends, Advertising methods, and Marketing techniques Providing seminars, workshops and expos related to the small business owner


Personal Development

Services Include:

  • Conduct workshops and seminars related to positive moral character building, personal integrity, positive self-esteem and personal goal setting.
  • Provide newsletters and a web site that will promote personal development and provide resources for personal and social growth.
  • Provide life coaches for personal development
  • Participate in expos, conferences, meetings and events which enhances the quality and productivity of positive community living.
  • Provide an Annual fundraising event that promotes and brings awareness to the community on the importance of proper personal development.


Health and Fitness Services

Services Include:


Workshops and seminars on health issues that effect low to moderate low income family Communities. Provide a support groups related to:

  • Obesity
  • Terminally Ill Loved Ones or Care Givers
  • Mentally Ill
  • Major diseases- Cancer, AIDS, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc. Alcoholism
  • Narcotics
  • Participate in health fairs, expos and community events related to health care awareness.
  • Conduct Healthcare Screenings- High blood pressure, AIDS Testing, etc.
  • Participate in Donor Tissue, Organ, Bone Marrow and Blood drives
  • Provide an Annual fundraising event for the prevention of Diabetes and other major diseases.


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