***Please Note***  Face mask is REQUIRED to attend this event

Thank you for your interest in donating dresses to Prom Girls Rock!

Welcome to Prom Girls Rock!

(A Division of 713 Community Empowerment Group)
Formerly known as the Pass-it-Forward Prom Dress Donation Program


Our Annual Community Giving Program

(Prom Dress Give Away)


Prom Girls Rock! is taking girls from Prom to College


Our mission at Prom Girls Rock is to strengthen the leadership, power, and voices of girls from marginalized and underserved communities by empowering them to reach their fullest potential and lead extraordinary lives.


We prepare low income female students for College by providing opportunities for scholarships. Our organization accomplishes this through educational and training experiences that are motivational, inspirational and designed to cultivate leadership skills.



Our Annual Prom Girls Rock - Prom Dress Give-Away event provides dresses, accessories, college trunks and scholorships to high school students in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.


Our goal is to assist these young ladies in making the prom and college dreams come true.



Contact Us Today!

Prom Girls Rock!

(A Division of 713 Community Empowerment Group)

332 S. Michigan Avenue

Lower Suite

Suite 1020-C192
Chicago, IL  60604

Phone: 312-554-5160

E-mail us at: admin@promgirlsrock.org

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